Making fashion
a force for good

The challenges and opportunities
facing the apparel industry

At C&A Foundation, we believe that fashion can be fair and sustainable. We also know that ensuring this remains a monumental challenge. The opportunities that the apparel industry affords developing countries and markets brings practises that can damage the environment and cost the dignity of millions of people across the world. The industry needs to radically change the way it operates. By working together with C&A and other industry partners, C&A Foundation’s mission is to support and drive those initiatives that have the power to make that change happen.

This report, the first in a three part series, investigates three major challenges in the apparel industry: improving the lives and livelihoods of smallholder cotton farmers, eradicating forced labour in the supply chain, and enabling just and dignified working conditions. We explore the complexities of these problems in order to raise greater awareness, stimulate more collaboration, galvanise actors, and invite you all to join us – and our partners – in working towards our aspiration to make fashion a force for good.

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